If anybody is looking to give their lawn an overhaul, Boudreau Hydroseeding Inc. is the way to go. First pics are from May 16th, the day that the mix of mulch and seed was sprayed on. The rest of the pics were from last night, after it was cut….

Paul Dolan

Looks like my lawn loves all the fertilizer and rain…looking pretty green. Loving the amazing results from the hydroseeding. Boudreau Hydroseeding Inc.

Keith Joe

Picked this bad boy up today so I could give my lawn its first cut. Its been a month since we hydroseeding it and the results are amazing. Now to spread some fertilizer on it. Boudreau Hydroseeding Inc.

Keith Joe
Merci/Thank You Boudreau Hydroseeding!!
Girourard Estates Inc
We want to thank Boudreau Hydroseeding Inc. for the amazing job they did hydroseeding our yard….now bring on the grass!!!
Keith Joe

Let the growing begin! Very pleased, took no time at all for him to apply it. Very professional service! Now it’s up to us!

Krista Miller